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Starting and maintaining a business can be a minefield of confusing laws and processes.
We make it easy and fast to file the paperwork with your Secretary of State or Filing Commission to start operating your business.

Register a New Business

  • Select a Business Type or Structure
  • Provide Information About the Business
  • Receive Confirmation Documents

Manage an Existing Business

  • Renew Business Name

  • File Annual/Periodic Report
  • Change Business Information
  • Get Operating Agreement
  • Employer ID (EIN) Assistance

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No matter the business type, New Business Filing can help you form your new company today.

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We help you traverse the minefield of submitting government forms.

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Build a professional looking website, take credit card payments, create invoices on the fly with Firstep Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file for a new business entity?

There are a number of ways to file your paperwork. You can go to the Secretary of State’s office, fill out the paperwork, pay the filing fee and wait for processing. Many states also allow forms to be mailed, but some do not. Most states allow online filing making a streamlined service like New Business Filing available to save you time.

Do I need to incorporate my business?

Your child’s lemonade stand may (or may not) be free of the worries of debt and litigation, but if you plan to do any significant business, then you probably need an LLC or some other form of registered structure to protect your personal assets from the liabilities of the company. If you are still not sure, consult an attorney or accountant.

How much does filing cost?

Different states have different fees for LLC and other filings. LLC fees in Colorado are $50. Using a streamlined service like NBF for only $49 can take all the hassle out of your filing. Our goal is to save you time and file the correct documents so you can get started on operating your business, rather than filing it.

Is an attorney required to form a business?

You don’t generally need an attorney to start a business. Especially the filing can be handled by a service like New Business Filing to help you streamline the formation process, and save you a great deal of time, effort, and money. If your business is complex or you can’t decide on a structure based on general information found on our site or have specific tax questions, we would recommend you speak with an attorney or accountant.