What is an LLC?

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An LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a form of organizing a business such that the debts and liabilities of the business do not pass through to the individual(s) or entities that own and run it. [...]

Do I need an LLC?

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Your child’s lemonade stand may (or may not) be free of the worries of debt and litigation, but if you plan to do any significant business, then you probably need an LLC or some other [...]

How does an EIN protect my SSN?

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A tax ID is often required for business reasons beyond filing with the IRS. Vendor accounts, bank accounts, and many other transaction types require a tax ID of the parties involved. Without an EIN, that [...]

How do I form an LLC?

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There are a number of ways to file your paperwork. You can go to the Secretary of State’s office, fill out the paperwork, pay the filing fee and wait for processing. Many states also allow [...]

How much does an LLC cost?

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Different states have different fees for LLC and other filings. LLC fees in Colorado are $50. Using a streamlined service like NBF for only $49 can take all the hassle out of your filing. Our [...]

Are there naming requirements for my LLC?

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Your company name cannot be the same as, nor deceptively similar to any other business name. Your name cannot be intentionally misleading about the services you offer. Most states require an identifier or more commonly [...]